Life After Teshuvah – Greenwald

Life after Teshuvah guides readers through the challenges, doubts, and questions that face nearly every individual who has made the unique and magnificent transformation from a secular to a Torah lifestyle. Rabbi Zecharya Greenwald confidently champions the beauty of Torah society, its advantages and opportunities, while fearlessly and unapologetically confronting its difficulties.
This volume addresses a wide array of vital topics, including marriage, large families, gender roles, shidduchim, conflicts, mental health, and technology. As the baal teshuvah’s dreams and expectations mingle with disappointments — from investing in building a support system to discovering role models who are flawed, from raising children with self-esteem to struggling with the imperfect educational system — the author offers a voice of reason and balance partnered with wise, healthy advice.
In this long-awaited book, Rabbi Greenwald provides an indispensable, practical roadmap, so that readers can confidently navigate their new life — illuminated by the Torah’s radiant light.

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